UK Telephone Area Codes Location
25 December 2005
revised 24 October 2012
01390 0390 was Eyemouth, Berwick, now 01890-7
0390 was mobile phones, now 07790
01391 Fleetwood, Lancs
01392 Exeter, Devon
Foula, Shetland (see note below)
0393 now Lerwick 01595-75xxxx
01394 Felixstowe, Suffolk
01395 Exmouth, Devon
01396 Downpatrick, County Down, now 028 - 44
01397 Fort William, Inverness
01398 Dulverton, Somerset
01399 0399 was Vodafone paging

Foula, Shetland

Foula was never 01393 as on PhONEday (Easter Saturday 1995) the code for Foula changed from 0393-3 (a call charge group for just the island) to be included in the 01595 Lerwick charge group. Prior to that, all calls to and from the island were 'trunk calls' (long distance)

At the same time the four digit 'directory' numbers for telephones on the island were prefixed by 75 making them 7532XX. At that time the islanders were still dialling just two digits to reach each other but for 'directory purposes' were shown in the directory as 32XX - the reason for this was that the STD (Subscribers Trunking Dialling) equipment had to see at least eight digits after the initial '0'.

Foula was the last public electro-mechanical exchange in the BT network.(British Telecommications was the privatised national government owned General Post Office 'GPO')

I was present as it was changed over to digital working in mid July 1995. I now have the exchange preserved at home here! It only has twenty lines on it.

Ian Jolly
Wednesday 24 October 2012.